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Gold Rock Marketing provides web based applications and customer services that enable your business to maximize your productivity while minimizing your time and effort. We provide business-to-business software and support through the use of our Web 2.0 tools.

Currently we are offering web applications for everyone from home based businesses to medium to large businesses in a wide variety of industries. Through this website we offer the Project Management Solution for businesses that have several concurrent projects and need to communicate with their employees, suppliers and any other persons associated with their projects. To learn more about this, visit our "Project Management" page.

For a wider base of businesses we offer Customer Managed Websites that can be created using simple point-and-click tools and a minimum of computer skills. This website itself was built utilizing these tools.


This website was created utilizing the Web Development tools which are available to any company by subscribing to this website for your business domain.

You can be anywhere in the world and still take advantage of the web designer offered by us. Our Web Development Tools are managed from this site and available to anyone who needs a "Managed Content" website.

The Rocky Mount Mall is our premier Customer Managed web application. While it focuses on websites for local businesses, we also offer Managed Websites for any business.